Sunday, October 22, 2006

Welcome to Panel One.

Welcome to Panel One, where I will attempt to look at comic books, its perceptions by fans and the outside media, and voice my own opinions about works. I should make the disclaimer now that I'm uber-busy and many of my projects fall by the waste-side but I will try to keep updating this on a semi-regular basis. That being said let's get to what exactly Panel One is.

Panel One is in reference to the first panel of a comic book, the opening or expository shot, that gives you a sense of the comic's tone and direction. Similarly with this blog I will be looking at various images and--if I have enough caffeine flowing through my system--analyzing what this says about the state of comics, its creators and contributors, and how that may attract some members of fandom but repel others. I will be linking to other blogs, referencing various sources, and trying my best to cover all points of the issue; not just the one's I'm interested in.

With all that said and done, welcome to Panel One; it'll be an exciting ride, let's see how long it lasts.

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